About the Doctor


Dr. Karl I. Poul, D.C.

You will find that unlike most chiropractors, Dr. Poul prides himself on exceptional care regarding his patients. Having graduated from Western States Chiropractic College, he began his career and passion for chiropractic care in 1983 and since then has continued to carry out a truly unique and professional chiropractic solution to naturally repair, heal and maintain the well-being of many people we proudly serve and have served.

By taking the first step and setting up an appointment with Dr. Poul he will work with you to find the cause of your problem and help treat your symptoms with the up most professional care available. If your problem is not something within his capabilities of correcting he will direct you in the path of where you can receive care specific to your needs.

So now you are probably wondering why we chose to name our clinic European Chiropractic Clinic? The answer is, Dr. Poul immigrated from the Czech Republic and contributes many different techniques and styles that are brought from the heart of Europe. His charm, wit and knowledge of his field make him an exceptional choice when choosing a doctor to provide you with the best care around. Come visit us today for your unique an gentle experience at European Chiropractic Clinic.



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